Institute of Civil Engineering

302016 Oryol, Komsomolskaya St., 142

Сотрудники деканата:

Director of the Civil Engineering Institute,Associate Professor

Mysishin Igor Sergeevich

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Общие сведения о факультете

The Institute of Civil Engineering of the Oryol State Agrarian University named after N.V. Parakhin is a higher educational institution that trains competent and qualified specialists in the construction profile of the highest and middle level. About 1200 future architects, designers, landscape designers and technologists of different levels of the construction industry of the Oryol region and other regions of Russia study at theInstitute of Civil Engineering.

The Institute teaches students in full-time and part-time courses in the following directions of Bachelor and Master educational training programs:

08.03.01 "Construction" (profiles: Industrial and Civil Construction; Expertise and Real Property Management; Housing and Communal Complex)

35.03.10 "LandscapeArchitecture"

08.04.01 "Construction"

35. 04. 09 "Landscape Architecture"

The curricula in accordance with Federal State Educational Standards 3 + (FGOS 3+) take into account regional aspects and provide special courses at the choice of students, optional courses focusing at the specifics of the university. The Institute employs more than 40 highly qualified teachers, including professors and associate professors, who have large scientific, practical and pedagogical experience.

The employees of the Civil Engineering Institute conduct career development courses on "Design of buildings and structures", "Construction of buildings and structures".

The main objective of the career development courses for specialists in the construction industry and design organizations is to improve professional knowledge and business qualities, prepare for solving new problems facing them in the constantly changing conditions of economic activity, meet the needs for obtaining knowledge about the latest achievements in the relevant fields of science and technology, advanced domestic and foreign experience.

Specialists of a legal entity and individual entrepreneurs whose type of activity is the construction of buildings and structures of I and II levels of responsibility according to the state standard, undergo training taking into account the position held, according to educational and thematic plans of career development courses and list of jobs as a part of licensed activities.