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302016, Oryol, Komsomolskaya-142, aud. 103

Сотрудники :

Izotova Tatyana Viktorovna
Head of pre-university training center

Izotova Tatyana Viktorovna

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302016, Oryol, Komsomolskaya-142, aud. 103


+7 (4862) 59-18-34


Employees :

Head of the pre-university training center

Izotova Tatyana Viktorovna

General information

The purpose of preparatory courses

The main purpose of distance training courses is to prepare applicants for entrance tests in the form of the Unified State Examination (ESE) and for further admission to the OrelSAU.

The course covers all the topics that are included in the materials of the Unified State Exam.

Anyone who has a computer and the Internet can access remote training courses.

The advantages of remote training courses:

  • the opportunity to study individually, with independent planning of time and duration of the classes;
  • personal approach of the teacher to the applicant;
  • constant interactive contact with the teacher;
  • distance learning implies and stimulates independent work of the applicant;
  • applicants learn practical skills in the modern computer technology necessary for further education in Oryol State Agrarian University.

Duration of training and organization of classes:

The training program is designed for 3.5 months (from January to April).

The following subjects are studied on these courses:

  • Russian language;
  • maths;
  • physics;
  • biology;
  • Social Studies.

Currently, the distance learning program for courses is FREE and, therefore, is available to most graduates.

In order to enroll in remote training courses, you must:

  • Select items to study.
  • Write an application for preparatory courses, fill out the form and send to the address: (be sure to include your surname, first name, middle name, your email address and Skype).
  • After consideration of the application, an instruction and a login / password for access to the DL will be sent to your address.
  • After receiving your login / password, you need to go to the website, click "Faculties", then "Distance Learning", then tab "Server TO" (or go to
  • In the window, enter the name (login) and password in the “Login” field.

We have prepared theoretical information and detailed solutions for such tasks and examples, the complexity of which corresponds to the level of school preparation, as well as tests for the best learning of the material.

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Oryol, st. Komsomolskaya, 142, room. 103, tel. 8 (4862) 59-18-34

Instructions for working with DO 

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