Department of Technosphere safety

302019, Orel General Rodin St..69

Сотрудники кафедры:

Head of the Deparment

Yakovleva Elena Valeryevna

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
Permyakova Jeanne (Janna) Alexeevna

Permyakova Jeanne (Janna) Alexeevna

Senior Assistan
Krupkin Alexander Korneevich

Krupkin Alexander Korneevich


Общие сведения о кафедре

Department was set up in 2001.In 2001, the first students on the specialty Safety of technological processes and production.entered the University. The duties of the head of the Department were performed by doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Alexey Lapin


Lapin A. P. graduated from the Krasnodar Polytechnic Institute in 1965. In 1979, he proved his thesis, and in 1997, at the specialized Council of the Saint Petersburg State University, he proved his doctoral thesis on " labor Protection. Theory and practice of safe use of formaldehyde in the agro-industrial complex".Specialist in the field of theory and practice of life safety (labor protection, ecology). Lapin A. P. is the author of more than 400 scientific papers, including 26 manuals, monographs and 18 inventions and patents. The first staff of the Department was formed from employees of the Institute of Labor Protection: Professor Lapin A. P., Professor Gushchina T. V., Professor Galyanov I. V., associate professors Makeev V. P., Baranov Yu. N. and Vasiliev V. V.were among them.

 In 2004, the Department was transferred to a permanent basis with a full complement of highly qualified full-time teachers. Since 2004, the Department was headed by Yuri Shestakov, Candidate of Technical Sciences/


He graduated from the faculty of agricultural Mechanization of the Chelyabinsk Institute of agricultural mechanization and electrificationin1960. He proved thesis "Research of the maintenance system for UTZ tractors". He has been working at the University since 1979. He is the author of more than 100 publications..Shestakov Yu. G. formed the scientific and educational base for the development of the Department. Under his leadership, a Center for training in labor protection was organized. Since 2010, the Department was headed by S. A. Rodimtsev Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor. 


In 1991, he graduated from the faculty of road construction machines of the Tashkent automobile and road Institute. In 2001, he proved his thesis "Research of the threshing and separating device of a combine harvester for leguminous crops", in 2008 he proved his doctoral thesis "Technological and technical solutions for the production of elite seeds of leguminous crops". He has been working at the University since 1998.He is the author of more than 60 scientific publicationsand 15 inventions.


Nowadays, highly qualified specialists in the sphere of labor Protection work at the Department. Two doctors of science, 6 candidates of science work at the Department. Graduates of the Department are in great demand among employers and have full employment. More than 60% of graduates work in the acquired specialty in organizations, institutions and enterprises of the Oryol, Kursk, Moscow regions and other regions of the Russian Federation.