Department of Private Animal Science and Breeding of Farm Animals named after Professor A.M. Guskov

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Шендаков Андрей Игоревич

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Behind us, like a coastal wave, 
the pressure of the whole ocean is felt ... 
A. I. Herzen

In 1975 the Department of Breeding and Physiology of Farm Animals was founded at the Oryol Agricultural Institute. The first head of the department was the candidate of veterinary sciences, associate professor Nikolai Sergeevich Kurbatov.  


Associate Professors N.S. Kurbatov, Associate Professor N.I. Kharitonov, Senior Teacher D.F. Matveev

In 1981-1988 the department was headed by the Candidate of sciences, Associate professor Mikhail Ivanovich Khorev. In 1981, the department was renamed into the Department of Private Animal Science, and in 1988 into the Department of Private Animal Science and Breeding.

From 1989 to 1994 the department was headed by Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Dmitry Vasilyevich Stepanov. For a long time, associate professors N.I. Kharitonov, A.N. Korolev, N.N. Primak, P.A. Suchkov, A.V. Mamaev worked at the department.


M.I. Khorev, Ph.D. D., Associate Professor, from 1981 to 1987 Head of the Department of Private Animal Science


Associate Professor N.I. Kharitonov  


Associate Professor P.A. Suchkov 

The significant stage in the development of the Department is associated with the arrival in 1994 of Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Alexei Mikhailovich Guskov. In 1995 it was renamed into the Department of Private Animal Science and Biotechnology. Through the work and under the guidance of A.M. Guskov, the Dissertation Council was opened at the Faculty, which allowed the department and the faculty to solve an extremely acute personnel problem. The fact that at present the number of the stuff with academic degrees in a number of departments of the faculty reaches one hundred percent is a great merit of A.M. Guskov.   


Department of Private Animal Science and Biotechnology (1997)  

From 2003 to 2017, the department was headed by Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Roman Nikolaevich Lyashuk. R.N. Lyashuk has been working at the university since 1994. From 1994 to 2003, he headed the research department of the university. At present he is the Dean of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine. Since 2017 the department has been headed by Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Shendakov Andrey Igorevich.

At present professors  V.S. Buyarov, R.N. Lyashuk, A.I. Shendakov, associate professors A.I. Dedkova, N.V. Abramkova, L. D. Samusenko, S.N. Khimicheva, S.V. Moshkina, O.A. Mikhailova, senior laboratory assistant E.S. Morozova, laboratory assistant N.V. Murlenkov work at the department. University graduates work as invited experts at the department in the position of associate professors: Candidate of Agricultural Scvience M.V. Vostrov - livestock breeder of Znamenskyi Selection Hybrid Center, A.N. Astakhova - a leading livestock breeding specialist at OJSC "Orlovskoye" (OAO "Orlovskoye"). Other production specialists are invited to conduct classes every year. Their production experience in the field of pedigree and commercial livestock breeding is more than 10-15 years.

At present fifteen people are postgraduate students and applicants at the department. The department graduates specialists on the educational training programs 03.36.02 - Animal science (bachelor's degree) and 04.36.02 - Animal science (master's degree), 06.36.01 - Veterinary and animal science (profiles: breeding, selection and genetics of agricultural animals; private animal husbandry , production technology of livestock products); 06.06.01 - Biological Sciences (profile: biological resources). Over the past 10 years, the department has implemented three Master training programs, new training programs for bachelor's, master's and postgraduate studies are under preparation.

For 40 years, the Department has trained and graduated over 1000 specialists, bachelors and masters, a high percentage accounts for the graduate students who defended their qualifications with honors (up to 60-80% for different years of recruitment).

With the participation of the specialists from the Department 2 new breeds of pigs were developed, the long-term plans for breeding work for 25 enterprises in the Oryol and Kaluga regions (from 2004 to 2023) were approved and adopted for implementation by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.  The scientists of the department received 24 patents for invention. They published more than 3,000 scientific, educational, methodological and educational-methodical writings, including 30 monographs and 35 methodological manuals with the stamp of UMO. The staff of the department received 2 prizes of the Academy of Sciences, 5 regional prizes, 5 VDNKh medals.  The graduate students and staff of the department annually receive personal scholarships from the Governor of the Oryol Region, the President of the Russian Federation.

Over the past five years, the department has been conducting active research work at the request of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. Two employees of the department (R.N. Lyashuk and A.I.Shendakov) are accredited experts in the scientific and technological field, another employee is  (A.I. Dedkova)  an accredited expert in educational and teaching-methodological activities.

The staff and postgraduate students of the department defended 18 candidate and 4 doctoral dissertations (in the specialties: physiology; breeding, selection, genetics and reproduction of agricultural animals; private zootechnics, technology for the production of livestock products). About 100 completed research projects were implemented into production.

On June 4, 2021, the department was named after Professor A.M. Guskov in connection with his great achievements in the field of animal science and agricultural education.