Belgorod REC will cooperate with the Orel Agrarian University

Why did the Belgorod REC choose the Orel Agrarian University named after N.V. Parakhin as a partner?

It is very important for us to expand the boundaries of our REC. And now we are talking about the fact that the agreement signed with the Oryol Agrarian University expands these boundaries. It is very important for us to obtain joint scientific products and at the same time have new business partners who can expand the boundaries of using these products in the territory of not only Belgorod, but also Orel regions.

Each platform is worthy of the attention of colleagues, in particular the recycling platform. Currently, and this has been going on for quite a long period, the quality of the bread we buy in stores is declining. Orel colleagues have unique recipes and technologies. They allow us to use high-quality bakery products, which we also want to make a joint history of our work at REC.

As for breeding in the field of crop production, both in the Orel and Belgorod regions are traditionally engaged in legumes, in particular, soybeans, a crop that increases the area and production volumes. A joint study of these varieties, perhaps, will open the way for the development of our relations.

It is very important to develop a direction in animal husbandry: cattle, dairy direction, which is interesting for our colleagues from the Orel region, and we are also actively engaged in this direction. This also applies to processing and possible selection, since the problem of import substitution is very relevant for our country.

The Orel Region is the 57th region, one of the partners is the Trapeznikov Institute of Management, which is developing new areas of digital agriculture. This partner is with us today, he has been working within REC for the second year already. And today we say that an agreement and mutual understanding have been reached that we will transform and use the programs implemented with the Trapeznikov Institute in the Belgorod Region on the territory of the Orel Region, involve scientists: physiologists, biochemists - for more accurate forecasting of the development of diseases. We are also talking about fruit crops - you know that both the Belgorod and Orel regions are famous for their gardens.