Practice in Germany (the APOLLO program)

АPOLLO (the Association for Projects in Ecology, Agriculture and Rural Development) participates in student exchange between Russia and Germany, establishes and maintains contacts between universities of these countries in the fields of agriculture, biology, geography and geology, since 1991.

APOLLO is a non-profit organization that does not make money on interns, and performs all work with the consent and at the expense of financial support from the German Ministry of Agriculture. APOLLO employees are often German students who study Russian or practice in Russia. Many of them work with trainees on a voluntary basis, without receiving material remuneration.

What are the objectives of agricultural practice in Germany?

  • The expansion of knowledge in the field of agriculture in Germany;

  • Gaining of practical experience in agriculture;

  • Learning German;

  • Getting familiar with the culture of the German people;

  • An opportunity to meet students from various places of Russia.

Agricultural practice in Germany is:

  • Four months of work at one enterprise, from the end of May to the end of September.

  • Theory and practice on the small, medium or large farms in Germany.

  • Practice where comprehensive knowledge and skills are required. Regardless of your specialization, you must be prepared for various activities.

  • Work without clearly defined working hours, possibly on weekends, depending on the season, the type of work performed.

  • Payment for work should not be one’s priority (the trainee receives 250 Euros per month for out-of-pocket expenses); the desire and readiness to learn more new things and consolidate their knowledge in the field of agriculture is what’s important.

  • The knowledge and open perception of a different culture and lifestyle, which in various regions of Germany are very diverse.

  • Training workshops with visits to advanced, innovative agricultural enterprises.

The Association for Projects in Ecology, Agriculture and Rural Development in Eastern Europe.

Agricultural Educational Center DEULA-NIENBURG (Germany).

The German Agricultural Education Center DEULA-Nienburg offers internships in German farms and enterprises.

Requirements for trainees:

  • Good knowledge of agriculture;

  • Good health;

  • Tractor driving rights;

  • Basic knowledge of German.

Details on the website

AGRILIDA - Agricultural Internship on Farms in Denmark

Who can participate:

  • A 2nd year student of agricultural specialties from agricultural schools;

  • At the age of 19 - 25 years;

  • Single and without children;

  • Fluent in English or German;

  • Having a driving license;

  • Healthy;

  • With a clean criminal record.

Upon completion of the internship, the intern is issued a certificate "AgriLIDA" and a recommendation from his workplace.

Agricultural practice in Bavaria

The organizer is the Department of vocational training of the Bavarian Peasant Union. During the internship at agricultural enterprises in Germany, future specialists of the agro-industrial complex acquire important qualifications in their specialty, including the ability to think and act entrepreneurial in the conditions of a modern market economy.

Requirement for candidates:

  • Possession of general agricultural knowledge;

  • Experience: in the field of animal husbandry, crop production or in the handling of agricultural equipment and machinery;

  • Good health;

  • Driver's license for driving a tractor or a vehicle of category “C” ;

  • Basic knowledge of German;

  • Good academic performance.

Financial conditions:

  • Trainees are paid a monthly scholarship;

  • The cost of providing housing and food is covered by the agricultural enterprise where the intern is practicing;

Health insurance is required.