International activities

Our main international activities:

  • Expansion of active international relations of the university with leading foreign universities;

  • Participation in international programs and projects for grants;

  • Internships for professors, students and graduate students abroad;

  • Invitation of foreign specialists from higher education institutions for experience exchange and lecturing;

  • Admission of foreign delegations;

  • Making agreements on academic cooperation with foreign universities and organizations;

  • Providing expert advice on studying opportunities abroad;

  • Planning of Oryol State Agrarian University’s participation in international education projects.

The joint work continues with the Visegrad University Association (VUA) - the union of agrarian and natural science universities of Eastern Europe. The latest VUA meeting was held on September 28, 2015 in Poland, in Warsaw University of Life Sciences. The Oryol State Agrarian University was represented by the Vice-Rector for International Relations and Educational Work N.A. Pervih.

Among the already implemented activities of the Visegrad Association, the annual scientific conference of the teaching staff was added. Additional work will be done within the youth division of the association - VUA Youth. We continue working on the VUA project “Sustainability in the agricultural sector of V4 countries and co-operative areas”. The project participants are working together on a common educational platform for addressing sustainable development issues in the agricultural sector of Visegrad countries and collaborating areas. The project brings together the main agricultural universities in Visegrad and the southeastern partner countries, the Foundation's Association and the Visegrad Journal on Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development. All project activities are aimed at maintaining cooperation among universities in Visegrad countries and collaborating areas.

On 9-18 of August 2015, the first week of the International Summer School AGRISUMMER.RU was held as part of the Go East DAAD scholarship program. Undergraduate and postgraduate students of universities in Germany, Kursk State Agricultural Academy, Belgorod State Agrarian University and Oryol State Agrarian University, with the support of the German Academic Exchange Service, attended lectures in English and Russian on the development of agriculture, state support for agriculture, and integration of Russia into the world economy. The lectures were delivered by the leading teachers of the university: professors of Ajluniya A.M., Kovaleva O.A., Savkin V.I., associate professors Sviridova O.I., Solodovnik A.I., Shestakov R.B. Besides that, the Deputy Head of the Department of Agriculture of the Department of Agriculture of the Oryol Region, Ph.D., Associate Professor Grudkin A.A. spoke about agriculture of the Oryol region. The students visited the enterprises of the Oryol region: the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Special Purpose Equipment, the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Breeding Fruit Crops, the Mtsenskaya agrofirm and the Orlovschiny potato field. Students were offered an excursion program. They were acquainted with the history and sights of the city of Orel and visited the estate of I. Turgenev "Spassky-Lutovinovo" in Oryol Polesye.

At the end of the first week of the summer school, the certificates of participation were awarded to the students. The second week of AGRISUMMER.RU was held in the Belgorod State Agrarian University.

An international summer school is a good way to build a single international educational space.

From September 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, the Fulbright Fellow (of the program for assistant English teachers) Andres Mauricio Fernandez worked in the Oryol State Agrarian University.

Participation in international scientific conferences, seminars and exhibitions:

On October 30-31, 2014, the International Youth Scientific and Practical Conference "Social and Economic Development of the AIC in the Conditions of Russia's Membership in the World Trade Organization and the Eurasian Economic Union" was held. The tasks and solutions for the economic policy of the new European program for a period of 2014-2020 were considered for universities of natural sciences.

On October 27, 2014, the All-Russian Student Scientific Online Conference (with international participation) themed “Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Obstetric-Gynecological Diseases in Animals” took place.

On November 12, 2014, an informative meeting of students with a representative of the Cargill program was held. The possibility of obtaining scholarships for 2 years was discussed there. Cargill's international program provides students with financial support, and gives an opportunity to develop professional skills and acquire additional practical knowledge for their specialty through participation in seminars, meetings and a mentorship programs.

In 2015, a second-year student of the Faculty of Economics of Oryol State Agrarian University Borzova Darya Alexandrovna received a personal scholarship from Cargill. In July 2015, a seminar was held for the finalists of the Cargill-2015 program. The scholarships were presented at the Sheino Park Hotel (Efremov) as part of the final banquet for the scholars.

On April 15, the St. Petersburg State University of Economics hosted the XIII Congress of the Eurasian Association of Universities (EAU) - an authoritative and influential international organization, which includes 128 leading universities in Eurasia. The Oryol State Agrarian University was represented at the congress by the vice rector for scientific work Rodimtsev S.A. In the course of the congress, speeches of the congress participants were given, they noted the contribution of their universities to the association and the achievements of recent years. The report of the Revision Commission of the Eurasian Association of Universities was heard, and new members of the higher educational institutions were accepted as members of the EAU, one of which was Orel State Agrarian University.

Today, the Oryol State Agrarian University is the only agricultural institution that has entered the EAU.

In 2015, the Oryol State Agrarian University took part in the IV International Competition for the scientific work of students. Fourth year student of the Faculty of Economics of Oryol State Agrarian University (studying field: “Management”) - Fokin Maxim Andreevich took the 1st place in the IV International Competition of Scientific Works for Postgraduate Students and Students (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, 2015). His work was on the topic of "Formation of an effective system of remuneration of labor contribution in the agricultural sector of the economy". Professor N.I. Proca supervised it.

July 7, 2015, Oryol GAU held the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Plant Protection: Challenges, Innovations, and Prospects”. Representatives of the regional government, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, academics of the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations of Russia, heads of research institutions, breeding centers, agricultural enterprises, domestic and foreign scientists took part in it.

Professional development, training, organization of internships and internships abroad:

From November 11 to December 28, 2014, 4 students travelled to Serbia (University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture), from the Faculty of Agritechnology and Energy Supply of the Oryol State Agrarian University. Their training took place in the framework of the inter-university agreement.

From February 2 to March 1, 2015 2nd year postgraduate student Bolshev V.E. completed an internship in Poland (Wroclaw University of Nature Management and Natural Sciences) based on the S. Tolpy scholarship program.

On April 15, 2015, a French seminar was held in Oryol State University, dedicated to cooperation with the Champagne-Ardenne region. On this seminar, two employees of the Oryol State Agrarian University underwent advanced training (L.A. Mushnichenko (the teacher of the department of foreign languages,) and A. Yakovlev (the leading translator of the international cooperation department). Participants received proper certificates.

On June 7-12 , 2015, the summer school of the Fulbright program "Sustainable development of urban agglomerations" (Moscow) was held at the Higher School of Economics, which was attended by the teacher of the Department of Landscape Architecture, candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor Korenkova Ekaterina Anatolevna. At the end of the school, she was awarded a certificate.

From July 17 to August 16, 2015, Associate Professor of the Department of Engineering Graphics and Mechanics of Oryol State Agrarian University Mishchenko Elena Vladimirovna held a scientific internship at Xiamen University of Technology (China).

During the internship, meetings were held with Chen Wenzhe (the university's rector), Lin Hongwei (head of the international department), Joe Shuiting (director of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Transport), and heads of research laboratories. During these meetings, agreements on cooperation between universities were signed, and issues of cooperation in the scientific field were discussed, along with the possibility of exchanging students for undergraduate and graduate programs.

E.V. Mishchenko made a report on the university and its scientific work to the masters and teachers of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Transport.

According to the results of the internship, E.V. Mishchenko got a certificate of internship and a diploma with gratitude for her contributions to the establishment and development of international cooperation and scientific relations between universities.

On August 9-29, 2015, Students of Oryol State Agrarian University - Guschina Margarita and Zlobina Nataliya passed a competitive selection and received scholarships from the French Embassy for a linguistic internship. The internship took place at the International Center for the Study of Languages of Brittany. This is one of the most prestigious language schools in France. A member of the association SOUFFLE, the school strictly observes the charter of the association regarding the quality of education and enjoys great national and international recognition, being a member of such organizations as CAMPUS FRANCE, CSN SUEDOIS, BILDUNGSURLAUB ALLEMAND and L`UNIVERSITE DU NEW HAMPSHIRE.

From September 1, 2015 to June 2016, graduate student Matveev V.V. went to the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra as part of the Eranet Plus scholarship program.

In the framework of the same scholarship, O.I. Sviridova (the lecturer of the Department of World Economy) will do doctoral studies at the Slovak Agricultural University of Nitra, from November 2015 to April 2016.

From September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016 Ph.D. student Forafonov I.A. was studying at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland) in the framework of the IAMONET RU academic mobility program.

Contacts with foreign partners (participation in negotiations, reception of delegations, etc.):

On November 29, 2014, Professor Shi Hongsheng from Anhui State University (China) made a visit. Vice-Rector for International Relations N.A. Pervih held preliminary negotiations with an idea to further inter-university cooperation.

On February 20, 2015, a delegation from Cuba led by the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in the Russian Federation Emilio Lozada Garcia visited the Oryol State Agrarian University. Members of the delegation learned about the university, and met with the rector N.V. Parakhin, vice-rectors and teachers. During the meeting, issues of cooperation in the field of education and science were discussed, in particular – the studying of Cuban students in Oryol SAU, and joint scientific research.

On April 6-10, 2015, the Vice-Rector for International Relations N.A. Pervih and the Chairman of the selection committee A.V. Kondykova visited the administration of the ATU Gagauzia (Comrat) to present the educational services of the university and attract applicants to the Oryol State Agrarian University.

On June 15-19, 2015, Vice-Rector N.A. Pervih and Chairman of the Admission Committee A.V. Kondykova visited the Republic of Tajikistan to promote the University’s educational services.

On June 15-20, 2015, a visit was held by the head of the Department of Biotechnology of the Oryol State Agrarian University, prof. Pavlovskaya, at the Vienna Technical University and the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Sciences (Austria). The possibilities of cooperation in the field of biotechnology and education in general were discussed. The conditions for signing bilateral cooperation agreements were outlined.

Prospects for the development of international cooperation:

Oryol State Agrarian University continues to expand international cooperation to many foreign universities and organizations. The international cooperation department is continuously searching for new opportunities to develop cooperation with higher educational institutions and scientific organizations abroad, developing strategies for attracting foreign students to study, seeking to expand the range of international exchange programs and stimulate academic mobility of students and teachers. Work is underway with Rossotrudnichestvo on the possibility of making a cooperation agreement to develop cooperation between the university and the Agency in terms of promoting the University’s educational services abroad. Our university is interested in implementing partnership research, educational and methodological programs and projects with the support of foreign representative offices of Rossotrudnichestvo.

Further implementation of programs for the development of academic mobility, exchange of students and teachers together with foreign universities is planned. In order to stimulate academic mobility of students and university professors, seminars and meetings with students, graduate students and faculty are held regularly.