Other programs and projects


The Fulbright Program is the largest educational grant program created to strengthen cultural and academic ties between the United States and Russia. It provides international exchange opportunites for students, scientists, teachers and artists.

Every year, the program offers various grants for studies, research, lectures and internships at any university, library, or archive in the United States. Grants are awarded by open competition in all specialties. The grant includes tuition fees at a US university, a monthly scholarship, limited medical insurance, and paid travel expenses.

Citizens of the Russian Federation permanently residing in Russia that have a diploma of higher education or a degree (depending on the program) with a good knowledge of English can take part in the program. Requirements for applicants and the duration of the grant vary depending on the selected program.

Detailed information is available on the website http://www.fulbright.ru/ru.

International Student Exchange Program (Global UGRAD)

The International Student Exchange Program (Global UGRAD) in Eurasia and Central Asia is an American program developed by the Department of Educational and Cultural Programs. The UGRAD program provides an opportunity for full-time students from higher educational institutions from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and the Russian Federation to study for 1 academic semester, and for students from Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan for 1 academic year without obtaining a degree at a university or college. All participants are selected by open competition.

Students of courses 1, 2, 3 and 4 * can take part in the program  (* a prerequisite - after returning from the program, students must have at least one semester before receiving a higher education diploma).


  • Accounting

  • Agriculture

  • Anthropology

  • Biology

  • Business

  • Chemistry

  • Information Technology

  • Criminal law

  • Economy

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Natural Resource Management

  • Geology

  • Service and Tourism Management

  • International relationships

  • Journalism

  • Mass communications

  • Jurisprudence

  • Physics

  • Political science

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Urban planning

  • American studies

Other specialties may be considered.

All participants of the program:

  • Will study full-time at a university or college in the United States for one academic semester or year;

  • During the first semester, 20 or more hours will be devoted to volunteering in the host city in the United States;

  • During the second semester, they will have a professional internship (only for annual programs).

The program provides full funding and offers:

  • American visa support J-1

  • Payment of travel from the hometown to the host university in the United States and back

  • Medical services due to illness or an accident

  • Tuition fees in the USA

  • Payment for accommodation and meals in the United States

  • Monthly scholarship

  • Funds for the purchase of textbooks

  • Extensive career opportunities for graduates

Details can be discussed in the department of international cooperation.

Scholarships of Champagne-Ardenne (France)

The Champagne-Ardenne region provides scholarships for:

Professional internships in various agricultural organizations in the Champagne-Ardenne region

Studying (Master 2 level) at the University of Reims (Master 2)

Decent knowledge of French language is required!

International Visegrad Summer School

The Visegrad Summer School is an educational program that provides an interdisciplinary space for students and their colleagues from Eastern and Central Europe. The project aims to deepen knowledge of regional and global issues, eliminate mutual stereotypes, and strengthen ties and friendships. The school program includes lectures, seminars and field classes based on manufacturing enterprises, meetings of round tables, sports and cultural events and sightseeing trips. The target group is students, graduates, graduate students and young specialists of the partner universities of the Visegrad Agreement.

More information on the site http://vua.uniag.sk/.

International Scientific Summer School with the support of PepsiCo

The initiator and organizer of the international school is PepsiCo, a strategic partner of KubGAU. They awarded a grant to the Kuban Agrarian University. The main objective of the educational program is to increase students 'interest in obtaining agricultural specialties and stimulating students' scientific activities. Classes at the school are held at the leading agricultural enterprises of Kuban region for two weeks. The participants consider topics that are relevant not only for the Russian, but also for the worldwide argicultural production: innovative approaches to fertilizers, greening of livestock, the use of bioconversion products in crop production and agriculture, the most important issues of modern veterinary medicine.

Grant Competition for Young Researchers at National Geographic

Applications are being accepted for participation in the Young Researchers grant competition for research, expeditions, and projects corresponding to the National Geographic grant programs. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Organizer: National Geographic Society.

Young researchers must be 18 to 25 years of age at the time of application to be accepted.

Applicants are not required to have academic degrees. However, an indication of previous experience in the field of scientific or field research, nature conservation will help. If the expedition is planned to a foreign country, then it will be necessary to have at least one local resident.

Grants may vary depending on the significance of the project, but the recommended period of requested amounts is from 2,000 to 5,000 US dollars. Candidates are encouraged to seek additional sources of funding. Their presence is not necessary, but it will be a plus when considering your application.

Grant fields:

  • Scientific research (CRE - Committee for Research and Exploration)

  • Expeditions (EC - Expeditions Council)

  • Conservation Trust (CT - Conservation Trust)

Please note: the Young Researchers grant program accepts preliminary applications throughout the year. Please submit your application at least eight months before the start of your project (or at least six months under the EC program).

Competition website: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/explorers/grants-programs/yeg-application/

Konrad Adenauer Fund Scholarships (SUR PLUS)

Young people from the Russian Federation (graduate students of any Russian university), can participate.

In competitive selection, priority is given to students who actively participate in the social and political life of Russia. The amount of the scholarship awarded is 100 Euro per month (at the rate in national currency).

To participate in the qualifying competition, one must provide the following set of documents to the Moscow office of the fund:

  • The completed application form for a scholarship candidate - 1 copy.

  • 2 photos (not more than a month ago)

  • A detailed autobiography (in German or English)

  • An application with a brief statement of the objectives of study, motivation and plans for the application of the acquired knowledge in future professional activities (in German or English)

  • A certificate confirming the knowledge of a foreign language (English or German)

  • Certified copies of the educational documents with a notarized translation into English or German

  • A certificate of maturity;

  • A diploma with an insert with grades or a gradebook (for undergraduate students),

  • 2 recommendations from university professors,

  • A document confirming admission to the magistracy.

Alexander Von Humboldt Stiftung Foundation Scholarships

Scientists of all specialties can take part in contests of this fund. The foundation's policy is not to finance projects, but talented people who offer interesting and bold ideas and implement them.

MAIN is a scholarship program for specialists with a PhD degree.

In order to obtain a scholarship, in addition to the filled-in forms and the original, innovative research project, publications in international journals that attest to the scientific viability of the applicant are required. Participation in conferences would also count. An important condition is also the consent of the German scientist to accept a foreign colleague for an internship at his institute. In this case, attention is paid to who among the scientists in Germany applied for a foreign specialist, and who agrees, in the case of the grant, to accept anyone in his laboratory.

The foundation maintains relations with more than ten thousand professors in Germany who are inviting scholars from abroad. This circle is constantly expanding.

Vernadsky Scholarship for graduate students (French Embassy)

As part of the Vernadsky program, it is aimed at supporting the mobility of young scientists; in 2015, French Embassy in Russia awarded grants (scholarships) to postgraduate students studying in a joint French-Russian postgraduate program.

The grant covers the costs of staying in France and in Russia (3 months in the first year, 6 months in the second and third year, and 3 months in the last year) and is designed for 4 calendar years (3 academic years).

A PhD thesis with a joint French-Russian scientific guide can be written in any scientific discipline taught in France.

Requirements for a candidate:

  • Presence of a diploma of higher education in Russia (magistracy), issued no later than June 2015

  • Russian citizenship and student status of a Russian university

  • Writing a PhD thesis with a dual Russian-French scientific leadership

  • Good knowledge of French (or English)


Mechnikov Scholarship - Scientific exchanges

In 2015, the French Embassy in Russia awarded grants as part of the “Mechnikov” program aimed at supporting the mobility of scientists.

As part of the Vernadsky program aimed at supporting the mobility of young scientists, in 2015 the Embassy of France in Russia awarded grants (scholarships) to postgraduate students studying in joint French-Russian graduate school.

The grant covers the costs of staying in France and in Russia (3 months in the first year, 6 months in the second and third year, and 3 months in the last year) and is designed for 4 calendar years (3 academic years).

A PhD thesis with a joint French-Russian scientific guide can be written in any scientific discipline taught in France.

Requirements for a candidate:

  • PhD degree

  • The status of an employee of a Russian state or private scientific organization or a Russian higher education institution

  • List of required documents:

  • Summary and list of publications

  • Description of the project. Please indicate the estimated duration of stay in France

  • A letter expressing support from the director of the Russian laboratory and the director of the host French laboratory

  • The file should be sent as a single document in PDF format and its size should not exceed 5Mb.

Advantages of this scholarship:
  • Free Schengen visa

  • Scholarship of about 1,700 euros per month (from 1 to 3 months) in the period 02/15/2015 - 12/31/2015

  • Travel expenses (Russia - France – Russia)