International Department


Acting Director for International Relations and Career Guidance, Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee

Kondykov Alexey Vitalevich

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences
The main tasks of the international cooperation department:
  • International strategy development
  • Planning the international programs and agreements
  • Talks with foreign partners, international organizations and embassies of foreign countries, within Russia and abroad, on the implementation of international relations with the university
  • Planning in conjunction with the selection committee and training of foreign pupils in accordance with the educational standards
  • Reception of foreign citizens and delegations and assistance in traveling abroad (on business trips) and the implementation of academic contacts with students, graduate students and academic staff of the University.
  • Controlling the passport and visa regime, and ensuring that foreign citizens would follow the internal laws of the Russian Federation.
  • Attracting international investment in the development of the University

    Functions of the international cooperation department:
  • Coordinating the work of the University in the framework of international educational, scientific, and technical cooperation.
  • Preparation of the draft agreements and agreements on international cooperation, in accordance with the relevant departments.
  • Collecting, analyzing and summarizing the results of cooperation with universities in foreign countries.
  • Preparation of the analytical and reference materials about the international activities of the University and submitting them to the university management and to the relevant higher authorities.
  • Securing travel documents and passing received invitations (for participation in various international conferences, congresses, symposia, seminars, lectures and research) from foreign universities and organizations to students, graduates, staff and faculty members of the University.
  • Supervising the timely and qualitative presentation of the travel results by professors, university staff, graduate students and students/
  • Collecting and submitting the information about the foreign experience of higher education to the management of the university and interested departments, obtained because of the international relations.
  • Carrying out the reception of foreign representatives, coordinating in accordance with the established procedure the possibility, terms and programs of admission to the university for: foreign specialists, delegations, consular services, post-graduate students, interns, students (for all types of training).
  • Overseeing the implementation of reception programs for foreign representatives and the timely reporting by receiving departments of the University.
  • Doing correspondence with foreign organizations.
  • Conducting admission, considering applications and proposals of employees, graduate students, students of the University on matters within the competence of the department.

    Oryol University maintains partnerships in the framework of international treaties and agreements with universities in Europe, East Asia and North America. A summary of the partner organizations of Oryol State Agrarian University is contained in the section “Foreign Partners”.
  Our university strives to provide its students with the best opportunities at leading foreign universities, both as part of inter-university cooperation projects, internship programs, participation in international student conferences and summer schools, and on their own initiative. Detailed information about the conditions for participation in international student programs, as well as proposals from other organizations, including the possibility of obtaining grants and scholarships, can be found in the international cooperation department. We provide information and consulting assistance in finding foreign sources of funding for participation in international programs and research projects, advanced training, learning and disseminating experience, and holding various events.