Maintenance department

302019, Orel, General Rodin, 69


Acting Director of Administrative and Economic Affairs and Integrated Security, Associate Professor

Astakhov Sergey Mikhailovich

Candidate of Technical Sciences

The administrative part is one of the most important structural divisions of the university, providing guidance and organizing the current and long-term economic activities of the university, coordination of the interactions in structural divisions, maintaining the educational base in good condition, taking measures to expand economic independence, rational spending of financial means and materials, organization of access control, controlling the use of university’s property.

The administrative part performs the following functions:

  • Development of educational base;

  • Supply (contracting the supply of equipment, inventory, materials, furniture, transport, etc .);

  • Maintaining order and sanitary standards;

  • Carrying out design, construction, installation and repair work at the university facilities;

  • Organization of life support of engineering systems and communications of university facilities;

  • Fire safety;

  • Organization of the protection of University facilities;

  • Organization of the curfew service at the university facilities;

  • Providing accommodation in a hostel;

  • Taking measures to improve the living and working conditions of students, faculty;

  • Work with students in labor groups;

  • Provision of transport to all services and departments of the university.

Maintenance department services:

The chief engineer - organizes supervision of the technical condition of the university facilities and engineering networks, draws up plans of the necessary works for the year, and monitors the results of these works.

The chief power engineer - provides control over the uninterrupted supply of university facilities with electricity, heat, water, gas, organizes work on their careful and rational use.

The leading engineer of heat networks - carries out maintenance, and scheduled preventive repairs of engineering networks and equipment.

The supply department makes economic contracts with suppliers, and is engaged in supplying the university with material resources and inventory. The structure of the supply department includes a warehouse.

The chief mechanic - organizes transport support of the continuous educational process and the life of the university, is responsible for maintaining the rolling stock of the garage in working condition.

The commandants are responsible for the sanitary condition of educational buildings, dormitories and the university building; they organize the work of students in labor groups.

Agronomists, landscapers - carry out work on the internal greening of buildings and administration, maintain order and decent design of the territory assigned to the university.

The security service of the university ensures the safety of educational and service activities of its structural divisions.

The department of capital construction carries out:

  • capital and current repairs of the university facilities in accordance with the approved design and estimate documentation, working drawings and construction standards in accordance with the approved applications;

The OKS division is a repair and construction site, in which the repair team, including plasterer-painters and carpenters, works on a permanent basis.

The labor protection service monitors compliance with legislative and regulatory acts in the departments of the university to prevent industrial injuries and occupational diseases, and takes measures to create healthy and safe working conditions and the educational process.

In 2007, the Youth Center opened its doors with an assembly hall for 500 seats and a dance floor.

In 2008, the five-floor dormitory was renovated at the address: 15, Molodogvardeysky lane, Oryol, for students and university staff.

In 2009, a modular building was commissioned, which currently houses a demonstration and exhibition complex for modern agricultural equipment.

Workers of the repair and construction group keep watch on the classroom condition.

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